• 2. Juni 2011


„Filmmaking hasn’t responded to the fact that the mode of distribution has fundamentally changed, forever,“ Brush says. „Most filmmakers would love to have everyone see their movie in a theater, but that’s just not how it goes anymore.“ People watch movies on TV, TV on the web, the web on their phones, and every permutation thereof. „But watching media on your phone is much different than on your TV, which is much different than in the theater,“ Brush says. „Elastic cinema“ asks: Why not design the film in a way that it can transform to fit each of those distribution platforms (and make more money), rather than — like Lawrence of Arabia — be an amazing experience on one of them, and a disappointment on all the rest?

(Zitate von Jason Brash in John Pavlus‘ Artikel über „movies in the age of smartphones”. Den ganzen Artikel, eine Art „Amphibienfilm”-Diskussion 2.0, kann man hier lesen.)


(Eingestellt von Christoph)