• 2. März 2012


„By account [of 19 year old intern Mimi Beardsley], Kennedy asked her to perform oral sex on an aide while he watched. She did, and their contact continued for more than a year; it ended soon after she turned down a request to “take care” of Ted Kennedy.“ * 

 „One of Elvis Presley’s cousins, Billy Mann, accepted $18,000 to secretly photograph the corpse [of Elvis]; the picture appeared on the cover of the National Enquirer’s biggest-selling issue ever.“ ** 

 „[McTiernan’s] reputation (…) had taken a sharp dive with 2002’s „Rollerball„, even as he was caught on tape using [eavesdropping private eye] Pellicano to investigate the film’s producer, Charles Roven, over supposed — and never substantiated — misuse of production money.“ ***

(Eingestellt von Christoph)