Überspringen zu Hauptinhalt

„In the movement initiated by the Gezi Park Resis­tance, we, as filmma­kers, artists and writers of this country, condemn acts of censor­ship and the disregard of the prin­ci­ples of neutral and objective jour­na­lism by all main­stream tele­vi­sion channels, espe­cially NTV, CNN Türk, Habertürk, Kanal D, ATV, Star, Show TV and TRT, as well as, some news­pa­pers, espe­cially Star, Sabah and Habertürk, which have always defined them­selves as Turkey’s prominent and objective media insti­tu­tions.
The Gezi Park Resis­tance and the protests all around the country are actions that spon­ta­neously arose out of the people’s common consci­ence, inde­pen­dent of political affi­lia­tion. These actions symbolize an awakening of conscious­ness in Turkey, and worldwide, against a regime of oppres­sion which increases its autho­ri­ta­rian presence every day. The common aim of those who parti­ci­pate in these peaceful actions is to claim their right to a life of freedom, and the right to cont­ri­bute to the decisions about the place they live in, their own city and natural envi­ron­ment. Much to our surprise and regret, possibly, in order to not oppose the political autho­ri­ties or business magnates, we have observed that the main­stream media has featured almost nothing about this resis­tance movement. The provo­ca­tive and aggres­sive approach of the police against this movement, which sometimes goes as far as trying to kill people, has also been barely covered by our main­stream media. However, as we have all witnessed, the media’s disregard has only served to reveal to Turkey and the rest of the world, the hidden agenda of those who disdain and attempt to subvert the resis­tance.
We invite all concerned media companies in this historic moment to imme­dia­tely leave their compla­cency, to broadcast and to publish with prin­ci­ples of unbiased and objective jour­na­lism, and to cont­ri­bute to the esta­blish­ment of a demo­cratic and free media. This is a historic moment. An inde­pen­dent media will lay the grounds of trust and freedom for all of us. We will continue to witness this process.“
Kutlug Ataman, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Yesim Ustaoglu, Fatih Akin, Zeki Demir­kubuz and Semih Kapla­noglu among many others

(eingestellt von Nicolas)